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Interior Designers - Why London's Public are turning to them

When you think back past decades have had a very prescribed look, in the 70's you had geometric patterns and G Plan furniture, the 80's was all matchy matchy wallpaper and fabric, and the 90's was about minimalism or a neutral colour palette.

Currently the trend is to be more individual, and with no specific style to follow people are becoming confused. Never before has there been such a range of paint colours, fabric and wallpaper, the choice is infinate. Style can be classical, contemporary or an eclectic mix of both. With the exposure that interior designers have had on tv and in style magazines, the general public have realised that they need to turn to the professionals to avoid making expensive mistakes that can actually devalue their property.

Most busy individuals do not have the time to source products or find reliable tradesmen to undertake the work, a professional interior designer has the resources on hand to supply the right products and the right tradesmen for the job. By employing interior designers for a refurbishment project, provides you with a hassle free solution to dealing with your problems.

A good designer will work with you to come up with a scheme that suits your preferences, lifestyle and budget, they will not impose their taste on the client, they are there to help and guide the client towards achieving their goals. They will also take into account the quality and quantity of light on the project as well as the affects of space and materials.

Most designers offer an initial consultation free, which gives both parties the chance to meet before a committment is made. Their fees are not necessarily expensive and good design will add value to your property, so it will be money well spent.

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