CT Haringey October 2008

Community Times Haringey October 2008

What time is the right time to start an interior decorating project?
Have you ever found yourself in this position, you're about to move house and prior to getting the key in the front door you've replanned every room in terms of decoration and it's use. Carrying out these initial thoughts could cause you to make costly mistakes and regrets.

It is always advisable to get the feel for a property for a period of time after you've moved in. There is an old saying that says you should spend a year in a property before making changes. This is actually quite sound advice; it would enable you to go through all the seasons and annual events. It would also allow you to assess any remedial work required on a property prior to decorating. For instance if you moved in in the summer you might not be aware that some of the windows where draughty and require attention, had you decorated straight away this may have wasted your time and money as this would have needed repeating after the repair work.

Through the year you would be able to assess the natural light and how cold or warm a room is. If you take the time to plan carefully you can replan the interior space of your property to make best use of the natural light. Kitchens are best in an eastwardly direction to make use of the morning sun, south facing is also good as it receives sunlight all through the day. A dining room would be best positioned west facing to receive the evening rays as this is when it would have most use. It is less important which direction a lounge faces, with mainly evening use for tv time or entertaining it is more important to make the room feel comfortable and cosy. If you're planning a home office, try to ensure it has good natural light and preferably an interesting view to provide stimulation throughout the day.

When thinking about curtains, if you're not aware of the orientation of the room, then mistakes could be made. If the room is north facing it won't receive any sun during the day and will feel cooler than other rooms, therefore you need to use a thicker lining and heavier fabric on curtains to keep the heat in. In sunnier rooms this is less important.

Buying furniture is a major purchase, and it pays to take time ensuring that pieces suit your specific purpose and fit into the room. It is also advisable to check that you can get bulky items through doors and up staircases, don't use guesswork, if necessary ask your supplier to help with this. Will that dining table you've set your heart on really be big enough for parties and family events such as Christmas or should you consider one that extends.

The gist of this message is really to take your time and get it right the first time rather than rush things and be disappointed.

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