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Living North Living Hadley April 2009

Interview with Debbie Neal

Community Times Haringey January 2009

Dont Move - Improve

Community Times Haringey December 2008

How to choose colour for your home

Community Times Haringey November 2008

How to be your own Interior Designer

Community Times Haringey October 2008

What time is the right time to start an interior decorating project

At Home Magazine April 2007

At Home Magazine with Kirsty Allsopp and Phil Spencer. Article - Space Cadets - Transforming an interior space into a beautifully designed bathroom or living room

Interior Designers - Why London's Public are turning to them

When you think back past decades have had a very prescribed look, in the 70s you had geometric patterns and G Plan furniture, the 80s was all matchy matchy wallpaper and fabric, and the 90s was about minimalism or a neutral colour palette...

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